PV Solar Enhance

Enhance solar panel efficiency, protect your investment, and boost solar power production.

Using PV Solar Enhance is the smartest and easiest way to upgrade solar panels’ protection, performance, and longevity.

Solar panels perform better when they are cooler; they rapidly lose performance capabilities after 30°C / 86°F. A cooler panel produces more power, reduces thermal damage, and extends the life of the panel.

The key benefits of the ‘PV Solar Enhance’ formulations help to improve the solar panel voltage output, producing more power while reducing solar heat gain. Keeping panels cool and clean ensures they work at their best, maintaining peak performance.

PV Solar Enhance is environmentally responsible; it contains no fluorinated chemistry, no VOCs, and no Halogens; it is benign, non-toxic, non-leaching, and inert once cured.

PV170 PV Solar Enhance™ Coating – Part 1, applied to the front of the panel, an invisible Polysilazane Polymeric Resin coating. It ensures high-temperature resistance against solar heat gain and provides excellent protection against corrosion, weathering, and thermal cycling damage.

Specially formulated to fill in the nano-porosity of the surface and covalently bond at a molecular level to create a durable, super-slick, non-conductive, anti-static, smooth surface on the face of solar panels. The new UV-resistant surface stays cleaner longer and improves light transference and efficiency while improving power production on cloudy days.

PV186 PV Solar Enhance™ – Part 2 Heat-Dissipating Nano Ceramic Clear Coat Designed for the body, casing, and rear of solar panels. Expels heat 42% faster than copper to ambient air. Effectively draws power-robbing thermal heat out of the panel to dissipate the heat rapidly into the surrounding environment. Keeping panels cool and clean ensures they work at their best with maximum power output.

Non-Slip Deck Grip Safety Coating provides sure-footed protection in wet and dry environments. Limit liability for use in all applications on land and sea. Hydrophobic non-slip surface coating. Designed to create a molecular bond to the surface and protect from accidental slips and falls.


Solar Farms

Dusty Environments

Commercial rooftops

Farms and barns


Remote locations

Really Remote Structures

solar clad highrises

Inaccessible Locations

Our PV Solar Enhance coatings are in use globally. If you have questions, please ask.

Dust and Heat buildup greatly reduce solar panel efficiency and lifespan. Our coatings significantly enhance return on investment while reducing future maintenance requirements.

Applied in the factory or the field, our PV Solar Enhance coatings improve panel performance and extend their life. Contact us to learn more.

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