The BL186 PV Solar Enhance – Part 2 Heat-Dissipating Nano Ceramic Clear Coat is designed for the body, casing, and rear of solar panels to enhance performance while reducing solar heat gain. Effectively drawing thermal heat out of the panel to expel the heat rapidly to the surrounding environment. Our proprietary advanced military-grade, Polysilazane nano-ceramic chemistry of ‘PV Solar Enhance’ has the unique ability to rapidly expel thermal energy from a heated substrate to cooler ambient air, keeping panels cool and working at their best.      DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTATION 

After a solar panel reaches 30°C / 86°F, it rapidly loses its ability to produce peak power. A cooler panel performs better, produces more power, reduces thermal damage, and extends the panel’s life. This coating expels heat 42% faster than copper into the surrounding atmosphere.

Heat is also created in solar panels by the light photons absorbed by the silicon solar cells, generating power. This excess heat needs to be removed into the atmosphere for peak efficiency. BL186 also has extreme hydrophobic properties and helps to prevent the bonding of dirt, ice, snow, etc.

PV Solar Enhance is environmentally responsible; it contains no fluorinated chemistry, no VOCs, no Halogens, and no silicones; it is benign, non-toxic, non-leaching, and inert once cured.

Use in conjunction with Part 2:

BL170 PV Solar Enhance Coating – Part 1

PV Solar Enhance™ – Part 1 is designed for the front transparent surface of solar panels.

Enhance solar panel efficiency, protect your investment, and boost solar power production.

An invisible Polysilazane Polymeric Resin coating specially formulated to upgrade the performance and longevity of solar panels. The nano-scale silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide ingredients within the PV Solar Enhance formulation enhance the solar panel performance while reducing the UV solar heat gain. It provides complete UV protection to the clear front surface that it is applied to while increasing light transference. It ensures high-temperature resistance and provides excellent protection against corrosion, weathering, and thermal cycling damage.

Optional Black Coat

The BL186 Nano Ceramic Thermal Transfer Coating is clear, and for solar panels, we recommend clear. It is also available in ‘BL188 PV Solar Enhance Heat-Dissipating Nano-Ceramic Black Coat’. As black surfaces naturally absorb heat in direct sun, black absorbs more wavelengths of the visible spectrum than a white object – none of the visible spectra reflects off a black object.

The Radiation Principle says that “A good absorber is a good emitter” Kirchhoff’s law of radiation says that, at any given wavelength, a body absorbs and emits radiation with the same efficiency: eλ=Eλ×aλ

Where eλ= emissive power at a particular wavelength λ

aλ= absorptive power at wavelength λ

Eλ= constant called as Emissive power.

And we conclude eλ∝aλ

“Here in particular, as black objects absorb more than a white object, so according to the law, it will emit better than a white object.”

Therefore, the black coating may be more efficient on the rear of a solar panel away from direct or reflective sunlight; variations are also possible depending upon thermal ambient atmospheric airflow.

For design aesthetics and color considerations, we recommend manufacturers test between the two and decide for themselves. Note! Anodizing of parts Reduces Thermal Transfer.

BL186 is a high-performance, ambient or oven cure thin-film, thermal dissipating, nano-ceramic clear coating, it is also ideal for coating radiators, heat sinks, motors, intake systems, blowers, Intercoolers & Tubes, etc., and ideal for coating metals, composite, or plastic substrates; creating a covalent bond to the substrate, making thermal transfer very efficient. Always test on your intended surfaces for your particular applications. If you are unsure of your application and need technical assistance, email:

BL186 Properties

  • Color: Clear
  • Viscosity:  16-18 sec. #2 Zahn
  • Percent of Solids:  18
  • Odor (liquid):  Slight Solvent
  • Odor (cured):  None
  • VOCs:  Exempt per CFR 51.1 / regulation 8
  • RoHS:  Compliant
  • REACH:  Compliant
  • Halogens:  None
  • Thermal Stability (cured):  1200°F + (648.8°C)
  • Conical Bond (⅛ inch mandrel):  Passed (ASTM D522-93a)
  • Cross cut adhesion:  5B (ASTM D3359)
  • Coefficient of Friction:  03µ (ASTM D2047)
  • Specific Gravity:  889 (ASTM D891-09)
  • Pencil Hardness:  8h (ASTM D3363)
  • Average applied dry film thickness:   2 to 5 microns
  • Estimated Coverage Rate (@ 2 microns):  3,600 sq./ft. per
  • Transfer to surrounding material:  Zero (0) transfer of
  • Dry to touch (time @ambient):  15 – 25 minutes* (average)

(*a warm <105°F / 40°C airflow will reduce the time required to reach “Dry to the Touch”)

  • Ambient cure (full properties):  5 days

You may also use this guide for the ‘BL188 PV Solar Enhance Heat-Dissipating Nano-Ceramic Black Coat’. Apply at temperatures lower than 40°C /105°F to allow for proper curing.    DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTATION 

BL186 is used as a thin-film**, free-flowing coating that seeks out all Nooks & Crevices to help prevent the development of oxidation & corrosion on surfaces so as not to hinder the Thermal Transfer. Important Note! Apply Thin Coats 3-5 microns DFT – “more is not better” < This cannot be stressed enough.

These coatings are also ideal for coating: Radiators, Heat Sinks, Motors, Intake systems, Blowers, Intercoolers & Tubes. Ideal for metals, composite, or plastic substrates. Ensure you fully test for suitability for your application and follow this application guide.

For proper application of the BL186 Nano-Ceramic Non-Stick coating material, the intended surfaces must be clean and free from oils, dirt, and any other previous contaminants that may have been on the surface.

BL186 Increases Thermal Transfer.  Note! The Anodizing of parts Reduces Thermal Transfer!

BL186 is normally used on surfaces where one application is all that is necessary to seal the surface.  The coating may be applied over the component surfaces by spray, wipe, or dip methods.

  • Masking of threads is highly suggested if they are present.
  • Apply in a manner (dependent on part shape & application method used) to cover all of the intended surfaces, ensuring that there is a wet glossy, but thin film on all the surfaces.
  • The coating will be applied thinly at a dry film thickness of approximately 3-5 microns.
  • Allow the coating to ambiently dry or dry to the touch; warm (not hot) free air flow will speed up the drying (*Warning – Hot Air airflow can make the surface sticky or gummy)
  • Once dry to the touch, the part may be stacked, packaged, assembled, tested, heated, and/or handled without the issue of bonding to other surfaces. Examples: paper tissue, bubble wrap/bags, etc.

Use some care not to scrape the fresh coating from the surfaces. Once fully cured, the coating has high abrasion and impact resistance – With hardness above 8H.

*Warning – coating must be allowed to dry to the touch before elevating the temperature.

**Important Note! Apply Thin Coats 3-5 microns DFT – “more is not better” if the application allows the BL186 coating to become too thick or is heated hot before being dry to the touch – the product may become sticky or gummy*

Clean Up:

Tool or application equipment clean-up – use acetone, MEK, or similar solvents.

Storage Safety

Keep away from children. Store only in the original container. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store the containers sealed in a cool and well-ventilated place. Keep far away from heat sources, open flames, sparks, and other ignition sources. Keep containers away from any incompatible materials.

Average Applied Dry Film Thickness:                      2 to 3 microns

Estimated Coverage Rate (@2 microns):               2,850 ft2 (265 m2) per gallon

*Absorbency of the solution into the substrate will vary results)

Dry to Touch Time (@ 77°F / 25°C):                         15 – 25 minutes (average)

*Exposing to a warmer airflow (not exceeding 110°F) will reduce drying and full cure time.

Ambient Cure (Full Properties):                               12+ hours

Brand BlueGold Labs
Size 2.5 Gallon, 1 Gallon, 1 Quart, 1 Pint
HS Code 3208.90.0000
UN Number UN-1263